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VISA is fondly regarded as one of the most popular payment methods to use at any online casino. Make no mistake about it; VISA payment methods are not unique to Canadian online casinos. They can be used to deposit and withdraw at virtually every online casino in the world, no matter who they cater to. While VISA payment methods have their downsides (and we will look at those shortly), they are also terribly handy for many players. Let us find out a bit more about VISA payments at online casinos, and whether or not they are ideal for you if you want to bet at Canadian online casinos.

What Is VISA?

As you will be well aware, VISA is a credit card company. However, the financial powerhouse also offers debit cards. VISA cards are attached to banks. Some banks provide their members with MasterCards and others with VISA cards, and both are leading credit card deposit options. As with all credit cards, VISA allows you to deposit money you may not have into your account (as credit), and then charges you later down the line, usually monthly. The amount you have at your disposal depends on your credit limit or overdraft. As hundreds of millions of people use VISA to make purchases every day, there is a good chance that you already have one. This naturally makes it an appealing option for betting online with.

Is VISA Accepted at Canadian Online Casinos?

Yes. The truth of the matter is that there is virtually no online casino which does not accept VISA. Canadian online casinos are no exception. However, just because you can use VISA to deposit at internet betting sites in Canada does not mean that you should. There are often better options out there.

What About VISA Electron/Debit?

VISA Electron and VISA Debit are now always accepted at Canadian online casinos, and they are less commonly accepted at online casinos in general. However, there are still many hundreds of top Canadian betting sites which will accept deposits made using VISA Electron or VISA Debit. Both of these options are essentially debit cards. Unlike the VISA credit card, you are going to need to have the amount you wish to deposit on your account already if you want to use it.

How to Deposit Funds Using VISA

Depositing at an online casino using VISA is the same process, whether you have a VISA credit card, Electron or VISA Debit card. Here is what you need to do:

  • Head to your online casino and visit the cashier page.
  • Select VISA (or VISA Electron/Debit) as your payment method.
  • Enter your card details into the space provided, and choose how much you wish to deposit.

You will likely need to enter the CVV (CVC) code on the back of the card.
Some sites require you to verify your account using a bank identification system. This system will be unique to the bank that issued your VISA card to you.

After confirming the transaction, your deposit will arrive in seconds.

How to Withdraw Winnings Using VISA

VISA is also a hugely popular withdrawal method at online casinos. Unsurprisingly, most betting sites offer this option, and using VISA to cash out your winnings is largely the same process and depositing with this option, albeit in reverse. Here is how it is done:

Once more, visit the cashier page at your casino.

  • Select VISA, VISA Electron or VISA Debit as your payment method.
  • Enter your card details, as well as the amount you wish to cash out.
  • Confirm those details.

Withdrawals at internet casinos can take a bit of time with credit and debit cards such as VISA. You may also be subject to a fee. Let us look at those in the next section.

Fees and Transaction Times

VISA is a very handy option to have at your disposal at an online casino, but it is not always the cheapest. It is rare for an Canadian casino to charge players for depositing into their accounts using VISA, but it is not unheard of. You are far more likely to find yourself charged a fee when cashing out your winnings via VISA. In most cases, this fee will seldom exceed 2.5%, although at some sites it can rise a touch higher. A few casinos may prefer to hit you with a fixed fee for cashing out with VISA cards.

When you want to deposit with VISA, you have nothing to worry about. Your deposit will land instantly in your account. It is a different story when it comes to withdrawing winnings from a Canadian online casino, though. In most cases, you are looking at transaction times which range from a day up to five business days. This can sometimes be stretched to a week, but that is rare. It seldom makes any difference (in terms of transaction times) whether you use a VISA credit, debit or Electron card.

The Pros and Cons of Using VISA at Canadian Casinos

As you can imagine, there are more than a few pros and cons to using VISA at Canadian online casinos. Such as…

Not the Safest Option: VISA uses top-notch security. However, at the end of the day, you are still handing over your bank card details to a casino, and it is always possible that somebody will hijack that information.
Easy and Commonplace: You won’t need to bother signing up to a new payment method if you have VISA. Most of us carry this card anyway, and that makes it handy and convenient for all Canadian players.
Expect Fees: There are online casinos which do not charge fees when you deposit or withdraw using VISA. However, some casinos do. Ultimately this will vary from site to site, but you can probably expect a withdrawal fee somewhere along the line.
Canada-Friendly and No Learning Curve: VISA deposit options are easily Canada-friendly. Your VISA card probably uses the Canadian dollar currency anyway, which is ideal. Moreover, you don’t have to go through the trouble of learning how a new payment method works. Depositing with VISA at online casinos is quite literally like buying goods at any online retailer.

Find Top VISA Casinos for Canadian Players Today

You probably won’t need too much assistance to find somewhere to play if you want to deposit and withdraw with VISA. Virtually any Canadian online casino will happily welcome you and accept this payment method. However, if you want to ensure that you avoid fees, enjoy speedy transaction times, and play at a safe and secure, reputable and licensed casino, then we can help. Check out our unbiased and fair online casino reviews to find the top Canadian online casinos offering you the best VISA banking options today.