Today the Canadian Online Casino, which is Betsafe Canada’s Emerging Markets Team unveiled the details of their slot restoration project. The purpose of having YouTube videos and blog articles is to detect old mechanical slot machines from 100 years ago that have lost their fight against time. Accordingly, the team intends to reestablish former beauty to them.

The team behind Betsafe Canada went for their initial project working on Beromat “B”, a 70-year-old three-reeled slot machine owning magneto-mechanical hands and an interior that does not require any support from a plug in the wall.

In 1950 Wulff Apparatebau GmbH created a line of slot machines. This particular model belonged to Europe’s golden age casinos where a power failure could not influence the game. The device could work only with a few coins and a firm pull. Tracking down this special model is a worthwhile adventure since, in those days, Beromat ‘B’ and similar mechanical slot machines were popular in numerous cafes, restaurants, and homes.

Head of Marketing for Emerging Markets, Mattia B., Stated:

“What amazes me about these mechanical machines isn’t only the craftsmanship that went into them, but also the fact that they do not require any electricity to work. Just take a look at the disassembly; it’s fascinating how simple yet effective the whole machine was built.”

In order to start the project, the initial step is acquiring the 60-pound machine from central Europe’s far corners and transferring it to the Emerging Markets studio. The details of the team’s adventure have been fully explained in their blog post: 70-year-old Mechanical Slot Machine.

The next challenging step is disassembling the machine and assessing all the internal parts. One single infographic consists of more than 15 different elements.

The final step is to restore external housing and all the inner parts by the end of May 2021. This is bothersome since ordering and replacing the broken three-wheeled reel mechanism is impossible due to its old age; thus, it requires revamping entirely.