On Saturday night, Surreal Feelings has won a race at Saratoga Casino Hotel, bringing back home a prize worth $15,000. Surreal Feeling is a mare well-known in racing circles. The horse had a very successful year, as she was putting on some stunning performances a few months ago.

Driver Alek Chartrand had to settle into the fourth position in the six-horse co-feature first, but as the race was progressing, his brave mare started swiftly surpassing others. At the half-yard pole, the mare started speeding up. She first caught up with Thats Incredible and Pammy Jo, and after a short “battle” with them, ended up being first. Thats Incredible ended up second while Pammy Jo took the third spot.

Surreal Feeling is co-owned by Chris Lawton and her trainer Dale Lawton. Both of them hope that the mare will be able to continue this wonderful season by scoring more stunning successes.

On Monday afternoon, the races will continue at Saratoga Hotel at noon.