During the last Friday’s edition of the Lotto Max jackpot, the main prize remained unclaimed. This means that the prize will continue to grow and that players will have a chance to claim it once again very soon.

On Friday, the jackpot was CA$31.8 million big and the lottery corporations from the country confirm that no tickets have successfully matched all winning numbers from the last draw. Many Canadians play this game and yearly, they usually win hundreds of millions of dollars via the Lotto Max game. This time though, it seems that the jackpot has survived longer than expected.

If it’s allowed to grow further, the jackpot can reach the mind-blowing amount of CA$70,000,000. This is not the only prize though. Depending on the main prize, players can also win a Maxmillion prize worth CA$1,000,000.

On Friday, September 10, the prize was CA$31.8 million. Unfortunately for all players of the game, the lotteries reported that nobody claimed the main prizes. The winning numbers, which were 11, 28, 38, 40, 43, 45 & 48, remained unmatched. The number 33 was drawn as the bonus one for the round.

When the next draw happens, the main prize will reach the impressive amount of CA$50,000,000 and the players will have the chance to win two Maxmillion prizes each worth CA$1,000,000.