The Lotto Max Prizes Have Increased Even More

The popular draw-based game Lotto Max will be providing even higher rewards this week, breaking its previous week’s prize pool. The game will have a staggering sum of CA$128 million to give away this week, with the jackpot at its highest level of CA$70 million and a total of 58 CA$1,000,000 Maxmillion prizes.

Every week, two draws for the popular Lotto Max game are made, one on Tuesday and the other on Friday, both at 7:30 p.m. PST. To enter the draws, players must purchase CA$5 tickets and choose one of three sections with seven number combinations each. The primary reward begins at CA$10 million and can increase to a maximum of CA$70 million if not claimed.

Million in Prizes

This week will be historic for the Canadian lottery, as the prizes for Lotto Max will total more than CA$128 million for the first time in the game’s history. Depending on their province of residence, individuals can purchase physical tickets for the game or simply play online. Due to the fact that the primary prize was left unclaimed last week, it now stands at a impressive CA$70 million.

Participants in the Lotto Max game can win a Maxmillion prize of exactly CA$1,000,000 whenever the main prize reaches CA$50 million. This week features the record-breaking amount of the whooping 58 CA$1 million prizes, breaking the record of last week’s 47 ones. And now the country eagerly awaits to see its latest lottery millionaire.

Latest Maxmillion Winner

Walter Gonzales of Manitoba was recently confirmed as the latest Canadian lotto millionaire. After scanning his Lotto Max ticket and seeing the amount of CA$1,000,000, the Winnipeg resident says he couldn’t believe his eyes. The lucky winner stated that he had to double-check his ticket ten times before completely realizing what had happened.

Mr. Gonzales’ ticket was drawn as the winner of a Maxmillion prize in the Lotto Max game on May 28. His winning numbers were 3, 14, 18, 19, 39, 41, and 45, and he purchased his ticket at the Red River Co-op at 1376 Regent Avenue West in the capital. The winner intends to save the majority of the money for the future and may buy a new home at some point.

Previous Major Winner

Back in February this year, the Lotto Max jackpot has also reached its maximum.  Marc and Dorothy-Ann Meilleur were extremely fortunate to have their ticket chosen as the winner in the game’s February 26 draw. The couple’s life have undoubtedly been changed for the better since they were the most recent winners of the major CA$70,000,000 Lotto Max main prize.

Lotto 6/49 Winner

The CA$9,000,000 main Lotto 6/49 main prize was won this week in Ontario, according to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The lucky ticket holder is somewhere in the province, as the Crown recommends all lotto players to check their tickets carefully.