Top VIP Casinos for High Rollers

Most casino players are content to find an internet betting site which accepts Canadian players, is safe and secure and has a vast array of games to play. For some Canadians, though, this is not enough. What they want is a top VIP casino and one which is dedicated to high-roller gameplay. In short, they want an online casino which offers them an extensive gaming experience where they can splash the cash. Fortunately, we know of a few places. Here then, is our guide to top VIP casinos for high-rolling players in Canada.

What Should a Top VIP Casino Offer to Canadians?

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If you are thinking of joining a VIP casino which offers high-roller action, do you know what to look for? If not, you needn’t fret, because we do. Here are a few things that the very best VIP casinos for high rollers will offer you:

  • High limit deposits and withdrawals
  • Larger table and bet limits
  • Exclusive VIP promos and bonuses
  • Access to high roller tournaments and competitions
  • An exclusive VIP program
  • Priority support and the red-carpet treatment

High Limit Deposits and Withdrawals

One of the hallmarks of a top VIP casino for high rollers is that you will be able to deposit and withdraw more substantial sums of cash than is conventional. Most of these casinos want to keep you happy, and they are more than content at breaking their cash limits for high rollers.

VIP casinos will likely permit you to deposit at least double what conventional players can do, if not more. Moreover, the withdrawal limits at VIP casinos tend to be substantially higher, too. At most casinos, you will likely need to be a confirmed VIP player before you get access to these extended deposit and withdrawal limits.

Larger Table and Bet Limits

What is a high-rolling player, but someone who likes to wager substantial sums of cash? It will not surprise you to learn that betting limits on most casino games are generally reasonable. This is because our top casinos have to adhere to responsible online gambling rules which prevent players from landing themselves in hot water with sizable bets. These same casinos can make an exception for high rollers, though.

One of the ways that Canada’s top casinos do this is to provide exclusive VIP tables and slots, and these are not accessible by regular members. Such games have sky-high limits, making them ideal for well-off players who fancy a sizable punt on a game of poker, blackjack, roulette, slots or any other high roller game.

Exclusive VIP Promos and Bonuses

Becoming a VIP player can be something you achieve over time. However, it is more likely that you will instantly become a VIP if you wager substantial sums of money at a casino. Being a VIP and a high roller to boot often brings with it added perks, such as exclusive promotions and bonuses.

A casino loyalty club’s uppermost tiers will be reserved for these players. Some may even have two loyalty clubs, with one dedicated solely to high-rolling VIPs. In most cases, you will be able to claim an array of added perks, such as cashback, access to exclusive games, your own personal account manager, and potentially even more favourable wagering requirements by being a VIP member.

That same VIP loyalty club could also deliver free spins, and additional reload bonuses, a better wager to loyalty point conversion rate, personalised offers and monthly perks. Only by being a high-rolling VIP player can you experience a unique array of bespoke deals such as this, and all VIP casinos for high rollers will offer at least some of those listed above.

You should also bear in mind that the more lavish and exclusive VIP online casinos may require you to maintain your status. This often means depositing and betting specific amounts to keep your VIP membership and all the perks it brings with it.

Access to High Roller Tournaments and Competitions

One of the other hallmarks of VIP casinos is access to high roller tournaments and competitions. Most Canadian online casinos offer tournaments and leaderboard challenges. However, the prize pool is considerably modest, as the tournament has to cater to everyone. This is not so at VIP casinos.

VIP and high roller tournaments will typically feature the creme de la creme of casino players. Each will likely be bringing with them a sizable stack of chips, and thus the prize pool reflects that.

Priority Support and the Red-Carpet Treatment

Being a high-rolling VIP player at an online casino also grants you access to a few other perks most players can only dream of. These can include customer support whenever you want it. They might also include your own personal account manager, who helps you manage your balance and provides you with bespoke bonuses tailor-made for your gaming style and gambling habits.

The red carpet treatment can include faster withdrawal times, and even invitations to exclusive events, such as concerts, sports, and trips to other land-based casino venues. You may also be on the receiving end of giveaways, gizmos, gadgets, personal goodies and even (at some casinos) holidays to exclusive resorts.

Will I Always Get the Full VIP/High Roller Package?

Ultimately, how many of the above goodies you can claim as a high-rolling VIP player at an online casino will vary. Some sites provide you with the works – all the trimmings, bells and whistles. Others are more reserved, choosing to focus on some of these VIP perks more extensively than others. It is up to you to browse around and see which VIP casino is ideally suited for your high-rolling gameplay. Fortunately, we are here to help.

Join Canada’s Top VIP and High Roller Casinos Today

If all the above sounds alluring enough that you are considering becoming a high roller at a VIP casino, you will need somewhere to play. Before beginning your quest to find a top site, just make sure that you are suitably financed for high-roller action, as being a VIP player at a casino can be costly.

Once you have decided to commit, check our excellent selection of Canada-friendly VIP and high-roller casinos today. We are sure that we have just the type of safe, secure, certified, licensed and VIP casino for you today.

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