Ward 3 Councillor Gerry Montpellier has talked to the press, saying that media outlets have misinterpreted one of his latest Facebook posts and that he was offered a bribe to support the KED project. Montpellier explained that this was not the case and that his words were not understood properly.

It all started when Mr. Montpellier created a post on Facebook on why he did not vote on the recent council meeting. In the post, Mr. Montpellier explained that two representatives who worked for Dario Zulich, the man who proposed the KED site, and Gateway Casinos & Entertainment approached him in order to explain the pros of the KED location.

Montpellier didn’t vote in the last meeting. Montpellier stated that he did so because he owns a company in that sector that would benefit from the development of KED.

He also pointed out that he does not believe that two persons who approached him were offering him a bribe but were rather presenting facts, talking about the pros of the KED location.

The Mayor of Greater Sudbury, Brian Bigger, said that this is no trifling matter. He advised the councilor to contact the police authorities to investigate the matter.

For now, there is no case on this matter, so it remains to be seen how things will unfold. The councilor responded that he is open to any kind of investigation if needed.