Online gaming is on a rapid rise worldwide, and every day, the online casino industry records more and more growth. In recent years, both France and Canada have seen significant growth in online casino gambling, and while there are several similarities, certain aspects in each country differentiate the online casino industry. We will look at two main topics, regulation and game preference, and how the online casino industry in Canada and France is differentiated.

The online gambling legislation that regulates both of the two countries is one of the most noticeable differences between the online casino industry in France and Canada. In 2019, France reformed its gambling regulations and Canada is currently undergoing changes that may reform the Canadian gambling industry in the coming year.

The regulations governing the gambling industry, including online casinos, are more restrictive in France than those in Canada. Given that the country has a culture of gambling that goes back many years, one would expect their gambling regulations to be a little flexible, surprisingly the opposite is the case. They have some of the strictest and excessive laws regulating the country’s gambling law.

Despite this, most of the types of gambling, including online gambling, have been legalized in France, but unfortunately, online sites in France are not allowed to offer casino games. Sports betting, poker, and horse wagering are the legalized online gaming options accessible to people and residents on French sites.

In comparison, unlike Canada, which leaves the licensing and regulation of gambling within its boundaries to each province. France has three major bodies that are responsible for the execution of regulatory functions. Each body has different roles, and ARJEL, the regulatory body for online gaming, was founded in 2010 when France legalized its online gambling process.

French casino game enthusiasts visit offshore sites to play, although online casino games are not legalized in France. As a player who is not familiar with the rules, understanding what is allowed and what is not can be confusing. In conjunction with the changing and sometimes conflicting regulations, players are advised to use affiliate sites created by and for French players to help them navigate the gaming landscape due to the enormous growth the online casino industry has felt in Europe.

They are also highly recommended to French-speaking Canadians, although these sites are more based on the French market. In the online casino industry, French sites such as have the expertise and provide trustworthy information important to all French speakers, regardless of country.

The situation in Canada with gambling rules, such as online gambling, can often be a little confusing. In Canada, the federal government granted each province freedom to determine whether or not to allow gambling in their provinces, unlike most countries where their stances on the matter generally cover the entire country. There is also no general law that outright forbids or allows online casinos from within Canada to be established. Every province in the country is responsible for the decision because each province has its own gambling regulatory body, and the legality of the online casino varies from province to province.

In all the ten provinces in Canada, running online casinos in the country is also illegal for Canadian citizens or casino operators. Still, some provinces, including Quebec, have regulated official sites that provide people and residents with online gaming options, including casino games.

In addition, no laws prohibit international online casinos from providing their services in Canada or restrict the use of those services by Canadian players. Currently, to play their favorite casino games, you can find Canadian casino game enthusiasts visiting numerous offshore online casinos.

It is not surprising in terms of taste in games that each country has different interests and choice of games played. Both countries share a common passion for gambling, but the choice of their favorite casino games differs.

The online slot machine is the favorite casino game that Canadian players enjoy playing online. The game is the most popular online and land-based casino game in Canada by far. Due to the simplicity and vast option of the game, it is not surprising that players enjoy slot games. Baccarat and Poker games online are other favorites of Canadian players.

It is not surprising that French players enjoy playing Roulette when visiting casino sites online as a country with its variant of the popular luck-based Roulette game. The Poker Table Game is another game you’ll find that French players love to play. The two casino games are more focused on skill than on chance. Lastly, French players also enjoy spinning the reels of online slot machines just like the rest of the world.

Ultimately, there is not much difference between the online casino industries of the two countries, apart from the online gaming legislation that regulates Canada and France and their preferences. This is because the development of online casinos from within the two countries is not permitted, so citizens and residents turn to foreign sites to play their favorite games.